KWN Global Finals Day Four

Rick, Jacob and the other finalists continue their ‘cultural experience’ tour of Japan by visiting the Golden Temple, a Shinto Shrine and meeting the stars of the longest running TV drama in Japanese history.

The Kinkakuji or Golden Pavilion as it is more commonly known, provided a spectacular start to Day Four of the 2010 KWN Winners Week. This Buddhist temple is literally covered in gold leaf and though the rain clouds might have opened up everyone’s spirits were still high and dry.

Rick announced the group’s arrival with a ceremonial ring of the bell. With umbrellas opened and cameras ready, the KWN team were left to their own devices to enjoy and explore these serene gardens.


The spiritual journey continued with a visit to a Shinto Shrine where prior to entering the surroundings the group purified their thoughts and mind. Inside the shrine members of the group offered gifts to the deity in exchange for wishes of goodwill and fortune. The gardens at the Shrine were an incredible wonderland of bonsai trees and ponds featuring koi carp and turtles.

Lunch was held at the Garden Oriental Restaurant before heading to Kyoto Studio Park. Transported to the period of the Shogun we marveled at the feats of the Ninja Warrior before heading to a secret location to meet the stars of Mito Komon, the longest running Japanese TV drama in history. A rare behind the scenes view during filming with the director and stars was a highlight for all. The final personal demonstration of the skills of the Ninja had everyone believing they were invincible.

With heavy hearts and a few tears the Farewell Party gave everyone the opportunity to say their final goodbyes before the long journey home.

The final day will give Team Australia the chance to share some of their stories and adventures with their classmates, parents and teachers before it’s off to the airport and home again.

Stay tuned for the final episode.

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