Introducing the SDR-H101 and the SDR-S71 Camcorders

We’re pleased to unveil two new camcorders for versatile shooting – the SDR-H101 and the SDR-S71 – which offer a 33mm wide-angle lens and a powerful 70x optical zoom that can be enhanced to 78x.

The SDR S71

To optimise the functionality of the long and powerful zoom, the camcorders also feature Panasonic’s Advanced Optical Image Stabilisation feature (OIS), with Active mode, to help reduce blur when zooming, even if the user is walking.

Both models record to SDXC, SDHC or SD Memory Cards, while the SDR-H101 also records data onto an 80GB hard disk drive (HDD) (approximately 74 hours and 30 minutes of data when recording in LP mode).

“The new models are very portable, with a light, compact design. The 33mm wide-angle lens makes shooting video indoors or in tight spaces more effective by allowing more to be incorporated into the frame; while the enhanced 78x zoom allows you to easily capture sweeping landscapes or close ups of distant subjects.”
Aurelie Hayon, Product Marketing Manager, Camcorders, Panasonic Australia

The SDR H101

Panasonic’s enhanced zoom uses the effective area of the CCD to further extend zooming power to 78x at the wide-angle setting.  However, because hand-shake becomes more noticeable with powerful zooming, Panasonic’s Advanced OIS detects and corrects hand-shake at a rate of 4,000 times per second, to help limit blurring while zooming.

The 33mm wide-angle setting makes it possible to shoot close to the subject while fitting both the subject and the surrounding area into the frame.  This has the added benefit of allowing the voice of the subject to be clearly recorded.

Panasonic continues to expand its Intelligent Auto (iA) suite, available across the Camcorder range – a series of features that when activated, automatically selects the appropriate settings for optimal video quality.

New to iA for the camcorder models is the AF (Auto Focus) / AE (Auto Exposure) Tracking feature, which allows the user to simply ‘lock on’ to a subject at the centre of the screen by pressing the AF/AE button. The tracking function then automatically follows the subject even if it moves or turns to one side, helping to ensure the subject is recorded with optimal AF/AE settings. Other iA features include Intelligent Contrast Control, Face Detection, Advanced OIS, and Intelligent Scene Selector, and each is activated by simply pressing the iA button to capture beautiful images under virtually all shooting situations.

Both models record onto SDXC, SDHC or SD Memory Cards, which offer easy portability as well as data protection through resistance to external impact. Video clips recorded onto an SD Card can be viewed via the SD Card slot of a Panasonic VIERA TV[i] for dynamic, large-screen viewing.  The camcorders can be connected to Panasonic’s optional DVD burner (VW-BN01E) to allow recordings to be easily copied to a DVD disc.

Other features of the new camcorders include:

  • Zoom microphone – Links the microphone operation to the camera action, zooming in on sounds, while the video is also zooming.
  • Wind noise canceller – Detects and helps suppress wind noise to provide more natural sounds.
  • Quick power on modes for capturing spur of the moment shots – the camcorder turns on or off when the LCD is opened or closed, allowing recording to start in as little as 1.9 seconds from the time the LCD is opened. The Quick Start mode[ii] further sets the camcorder to ON or standby when the LCD is opened or closed, so recording can start in as little as 0.8 sec.
  • Eco mode – Automatically turns off the power when the camcorder is not operated for five minutes, reducing wasteful energy use and saving battery power.
  • LED light – Allows the user to better capture video in low-light settings.
  • Easy YouTube™ and Facebook© uploading – Makes it fast and easy to upload video clips to YouTube and Facebook by simply installing the included VideoCam Suite 3.5 software to a PC. Then, connect the camcorder to the PC using the USB interface and the software automatically starts up. When the video clip is recorded in Web mode, the user simply follows the specified procedure to upload a video clip.

Included Accessories: AC Adaptor, AC Cable, DC Cable, Rechargeable Battery Pack, USB Cable and VideoCam Suite 3.5 software CD.

The SDR-H101 and the SDR-S71 will be available from consumer electronics and photographic retailers.  For more information visit the official site here or contact Panasonic on 132 600.

Pricing and Availability

SDR-H101                              $549 RRP       Black Available end February

SDR-S71                               $349 RRP       Black Available end February

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