How to come clean post-Movember

We are nearly at the end of the hairy rollercoaster ride that is Movember. Across the globe, more than a million mo’s have been worn with courage and conviction for the last month.


From tough-looking trucker styles, to the understated whisp and the heavily twirled works of art that are the connoisseur’s choice (and everything in between); the humble ‘nose neighbour’ has been elevated from mere facial accessory to charitable hero.

Now as we approach the end of this moustachery madness, mo brothers (and their significant others) are faced with the choice to come clean or stay hairy. Whatever you choose, you’ll want to do it right and we’ve got some great electric shaver tips to get you through the tough transition.

Clean, mean fighting machine

1)   Make sure you choose a good quality electric shaver, so it glides over the skin.

2)   Cleanse! This part is super important, whether you are going for a wet or a dry shave. A good cleanse will soften your beard and keep you from getting a shaving rash.

3)   Go against the grain. For a smooth, close shave, pull your skin taught and shave against the grain (the hair your direction grows in) and you should catch every pesky whisker.

4)   Love your skin. Invest in a good aftershave lotion and moisturiser, because product is really important if you want to maintain soft skin that is irresistible to the touch.

More mo for the bro

1)   Clip and trim. Take the guesswork out of cultivating neat facial hair by ensuring your electric shaver comes with a beard trimmer comb and then experiment with the settings to find your perfect cut.

2)   Take your time. Go slow and be sure to visualise the shape in your head before you sculpt so that you don’t end up with lopsided whiskers.

3)   Embrace satiny softness. Shampoo and condition your facial follicles like you would your hair to make your mustached or beard feel delightfully soft.

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