From the archives: the light-hearted Panapet


The colourful and quirky ‘Panapet’ was a perfect symbol of the pop spirit of the 70s. This ball-shaped radio hung on a chain was first produced by Panasonic in 1970 to commemorate the World Expo in Osaka and its bold design made it an instant hit young and youthful-at-heart.

Available in red, yellow, white, blue and avocado green, the Panapet was a dramatic departure from the drab and functional plain boxed designs that characterised transistor radios up to that point, so it is certainly easy to why it made such a splash.

The popular Panapet was so much more that just a portable radio; it became a very cool fashion statement and a must-have item to flaunt and collect. In fact, there are still transistor collectors acquiring Panapets today!