Bring stunning cinematic quality to your home movies with our flagship camcorders

We are so excited to introduce the flagship camcorders that lead the charge for our 2015 range lineup. The HC-WX970 and HC-VX870 both feature Ultra HD 4K recording and our world-first High Dynamic Range Movie Mode* for clear, balanced exposure, which is also available on the HC-V770. You can also get creative with the built-in Twin Camera on the HC-WX970 and HC-W570.
* Only in Full-HD

4K resolution* takes your videos to the next level

At 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, 4K video has four times the resolution of Full-HD. One major advantage of this feature is 4K videos can be converted to Full-HD with better definition and crisper detail than videos only shot in Full-HD. Another great use of 4K video is 4K Photo Mode (a new feature professional photographers are loving) that allows 8 megapixel still images to be extracted from a 4K video clip with incredible clarity and detail, enough to be used in large prints.
HC-WX970, HC-VX870


Remarkably lifelike detail with High Dynamic Range (HDR) Movie*

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Movie mode is a world-first for Full-HD camcorders and its importance cannot be understated. In HDR Movie mode the camcorder shoots 50 images per second, with 25 images exposing for shadows and 25 exposing for highlights. These images are then combined in real time, interpolated back to 50 images per second, resulting in stunning videos that retain lots of detail in difficult lighting and high contrast environments.
* HC-WX970, HC-VX870, HC-V770


Twin Camera* sees things from a new perspective

Our fantastic Twin Camera feature offers a fabulous new level of creative freedom. In addition to the main camera, a second camera has been added to the hinged LCD screen for worlds of new perspective. You can capture two scenes at once and layer them with picture in picture, film your own reaction to the action, or even rotate the sub camera to film a wide angle shot while zoomed in with the main camera. What’s more, if you prefer a camcorder from the new range that doesn’t have a sub camera, you can always get creative with our new Wireless Twin Camera** feature using your smartphone or tablet.
* HC-WX970, HC-W570
** HC-WX970, HC-VX870, HC-V770, HC-W570


Use your smartphone as a second camera with Panasonic Wireless Twin Camera technology.


A camcorder to suit every taste, style and budget

The 2015 range of Panasonic camcorders offer something for every filmmaker, from entry-level ‘point and shoot’ models, to sophisticated enthusiast models. Every camcorder in the new range features amazing zoom performance to get you closer to the action and wide-angle shooting so you can include more people and more of the background in the frame for truly cinematic results.