Breathe Easy & Win a Portable nanoe™ X Generator

Enjoy cleaner air everywhere with the Panasonic Portable nanoe™X Generator.
Designed for your personal space, it combines the innovative nanoe™X air purification technology found in our range of air conditioners, with the convenience of portability to offer improved air quality at home, in the office, in the car, and anywhere else you can benefit from fresh, clean air.

nanoe™X technology harnesses the power of hydroxyl radicals to inhibit pollutants while such as bacteria, viruses and allergens while also deodorising unwanted smells caused by common sources such as cigarette smoke, cooking and pets.

The portable air purifying device is styled like a travel mug, making it easy to carry around, and discreet to use in a wide range of everyday scenarios.

Check out our microsite to learn more about the benefits of nanoe™X technology and the science behind how it works!

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