5 surprising ways to put your microwave to use – no cooking required!

Think your microwave is only good for cooking, reheating and defrosting? It’s time to think again!


The image features Panasonic NN-CF874BQPQ Microwave, Grill & Convection Oven.

1. DIY a microwaveable “heat pack”

When muscle pains and aches strike, there is something so soothing about treating them with a heated pain pack heated in the microwave. You don’t need to spend money on expensive commercial varieties, though as they are easy to make at home. Just take a microwaveable freezer bag, fill to ¾ with uncooked rice, seal and then microwave for one minute. If more heat is needed, shake turn over and microwave for another minute. Wrap in a small towel and apply to your painful muscles for relief.

*Note: do not leave pack unattended while heating.

if you want to do something a little more fancy than a freezer bag, you could sew some cute material into a square like these Owie Owls

if you want to do something a little more fancy than a freezer bag, you could sew some cute material into a square or even into chickens or Owie Owls.
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2. Make like a restaurant pro and warm your plates

MWO-platesRestaurants warm the plates they serve your food on because it keeps their delicious dishes hot until they hit the table. You can easily bring this pro trick to your kitchen by spritzing your plates with a few drops of water, stacking them and them warming them in the microwave for a minute.

3. Enjoy a beauty parlour on the kitchen counter

MWO-beautyYour microwave is a brilliant tool for pampering at home. You can use it to warm facemasks, hot oil treatments, mudpacks and of course, hair removing waxes. You can even use it to salvage old makeup items in a flash, such as dried mascara or hardened kohl crayons, which can be rescued by heating next to a cup of water for 30 seconds.

4. Sanitise stinky kitchen sponges in a flash

MWO-spongeStinky, dirty sponges are known to harbour germs and other nasties. Regularly replacing your sponges is obviously necessary but you can eke a little more life out of these items by soaking them in water with a little white vinegar and popping them in microwave for a minute. Be careful when removing, as the sponge will be hot and make sure not to microwave sponges with scourers attached as they may contain metal elements.

5. Microwaves can double duty as a bread bin

MWO-breadWhen you aren’t using your microwave, it is the perfect place to store your bread. It’s handy to the counter, and features a large interior space that is just the right size for a loaf (or two of bread). What’s more, because the microwave is airtight when the door is closed, it will keep your bread fresh nice and fresh.

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