Check out the Panasonic tech enhancing Rio 2016 Olympic events


As the Official Worldwide Olympic Partner in the Audio and Visual Equipment category, Panasonic has been helping to share the excitement, passion and dynamic performance of the world’s top athletes at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. With our LED large screen display systems, professional sound systems, broadcasting equipment, AV security camera systems and TVs, Panasonic technology has enhanced the action for spectators at the games and for the viewers at home around the globe.

Let’s go behind the scenes of a few events and learn more about the Panasonic audio visual solutions delivering the sights and sounds of the Olympic Games.

Synchronised Swimming

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An aquatic ballet, synchronised swimming has been delighting Olympic audiences with its grace and rhythm since Los Angeles 1984. It’s a women-only discipline with duet and team competitions. This is one of the Olympic Games events where sounds and music is crucial and Panasonic supports these performances with various audio and visual equipment installed in the Maria Link Aquatics Centre.

Rugby Sevens

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Although the 15-player version of the sport appeared at the Olympic Games between 1900 and 1924, Rio 2016 marks the debut of rugby sevens, a faster, shorter adaption. Bravery, skill and speed have been shown in abundance across the men’s and women’s tournaments. The amazing rugby sevens matches were held in the Deodoro Stadium, with the excitement of the matches enhanced by Panasonic LED and system displays.

Cycling Road

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A test of endurance and a race against the clock, road cycling has been in the Olympic Games since Athens 1896. At this year’s Games, road cycling events were contested against the background of Rio’s stunning scenery, starting at the scenic Fort Copacabana venue, which is at the southern end of the famous Copacabana beach. The Live Sites at the venue had Panasonic LED screens installed, allowing spectators to enjoy watching the competitions.

Official Worldwide Olympic Partner


Panasonic is proud to support the Olympic Movement – aimed at promoting world peace through sports – as an Official Worldwide Olympic Partner in the Audio and Visual Equipment category for more than 25 years since The Olympic Partner (TOP) Program commenced for the Calgary Olympic Winter Games in 1988. Under the slogan of “Sharing the Passion,” Panasonic will contribute to the success of the Olympic Games through its technology. Panasonic has already contracted the partnership with the International Olympic Committee through to the 2024 Olympic Games.