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Flashback Friday – beating the heat since 1958
June 13th, 2014


Our award-winning air conditioners have quite the pedigree, spanning a 56-year history leading all the way back to our very first air conditioner for home use under the National brand in 1958.

The air conditioner we are flashing back to today was actually the very first mass-marketed household air conditioner in the industry. The lightweight unit was available at a relatively low cost and could be easily installed in windows and on walls of Japanese-style and western-style rooms.

Up until this air conditioner hit the market, the only people who could afford air conditioners were the ones not likely to work up a sweat; the super wealthy. In fact, prior to the popularity of these cute little residential units, a large cooling system cost between $10,000 and $50,000, which is the equivalent to $120,000 to $600,000 in today’s dollars!

Now Panasonic air conditioners have surged ahead with technological advances that folks in the 50s would never have believed but fancy features aside, we are still providing affordable year-round comfort in homes around the globe and it all started right here.

Back to the future, check out our current air con ranges.

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Customers prove how much they love Panasonic air conditioners
March 24th, 2014


The accolades keep rolling in for Panasonic’s innovative range of air conditioners. After receiving a Good Design award in 2013, and the Product of the Year award in February, Panasonic can now add the 2014 Canstar Blue “Most Satisfied Customers” award to its list of recent air conditioner honours.

Canstar Blue surveyed air conditioner owners from across the nation, asking them how satisfied they were with their purchase and Panasonic achieved the maximum five star rating in more key criteria than any other air conditioner manufacturer. We were awarded five stars by Australian consumers for Value for Money, Reliability, After Sales Service, Energy Efficiency, Appearance, and Overall Satisfaction.

Shane Quinn, National Business Manager, Air Conditioning, Panasonic, said: “We’re very proud that Australian consumers value Panasonic Air Conditioners so highly. With our ECONAVI range, we combine smart and innovative energy-saving features with a stylish design and the reliability you’d expect from the Panasonic brand. Thanks to all our customers for choosing Panasonic.”


Full press release.

Panasonic scoops the Product of the Year Awards.

Panasonic’s range of air conditioners.


Panasonic scoops the Product of the Year Awards
February 17th, 2014


Panasonic cleaned up in three categories at the Product of the Year Awards 2014, taking out the top spots for Air Conditioning Product of the Year 2014, Refrigerator Product of the Year 2014 and TV Product of the Year 2014. Winners of the 2014 Product of the Year Awards were announced at a ceremony held last week Quay Restaurant at an event hosted by Channel Nine’s TODAY Show co-presenter and regular jury panel member Lisa Wilkinson.

Winning in such important categories is a huge coup for Panasonic as Product of the Year is the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation; guiding consumers to the best products in their market and rewarding manufacturers for quality and innovation.

Richard Tassone, Director, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Group, said: “We’re very proud to receive this recognition in key categories. Panasonic has a growing Whitegoods lineup, with our Air Conditioners and Refrigerators both featuring the company’s unique ECONAVI technology, which matches the consumer’s lifestyle patterns to save energy and provide efficient performance.

“Our award-winning 65-inch Plasma TV incorporates our innovative top-of-the-line Smart TV functionality, which offers a personalised experience in the home, allowing viewers to choose how they create, enjoy and share content. Consumers can also now enjoy this same experience in 4K – with the introduction of our VIERA 4K Ultra HD TV, the TH-L65WT600A, which delivers four times the resolution of current Full HD TVs.”


Panasonic Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner.

Panasonic 554L Stainless Colour Bottom Mount Refrigerator.

Panasonic 554L White Colour Bottom Mount Refrigerator.

TH-P65VT60A FHD 3D Neo Plasma TV.


Bonus 50” VIERA Full-HD TV when you buy a selected air con system
November 13th, 2013


Purchase a selected Panasonic ducted air conditioning system* before 31 December 2013, and we will throw in an extra treat to make your home even more comfortable. For this limited time we are giving our customers a superb 50” VIERA Full-HD TV with every new ducted installation.

Free TVs aside, why should you install a Panasonic ducted air conditioning system? We went straight to the source and asked Shane Quinn, Product Marketing Manager – Air Conditioning, Panasonic Australia, what makes a Panasonic system superior.

Save on your power bill

“The latest generation of Panasonic ducted systems are the most efficient range we have ever released. Panasonic Inverter technology allows the unit to get your home to a comfortable temperature, and then only requires a very small amount of power to maintain this temperature,” Shane said.

“What’s more, Panasonic ducted systems can be zoned by your installer to target only the areas of your home that you are using to be cooled, eliminating any wastage of power and netting you great savings on your electricity bill.”

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Add value to your home

“What many people don’t realise is that a Panasonic ducted system will add significant value to your home come sale time, as ducted air conditioning is one of the most sought after features by home buyers. Whilst the initial outlay for installing ducted may be considered high, the reality is that this purchase adds to the value of your home and will be recovered when it comes time to sell,” Shane said.

Work with your climate

“When it comes to temperature range Australia is a pretty extreme country and not all air con systems are up to that challenge, but our systems boast an outstanding operating range. Cooling operation is possible even when it is a scorching 46C outside, which is perfect for Australia’s hot summer days and the heating operation is designed to operate even when it’s a freezing -20C outside, so even the coldest parts of Australia are covered,” Shane said.

“Our latest range of ducted systems even feature a unique technology that reduces the unwanted ‘cold drafts’ that you might have experienced from other ducted systems when used for heating during winter.”

*Terms and conditions apply

The promotion: Bonus TV with the purchase of selected ducted air conditioners.

Chase away the chill and save on your energy bill
July 8th, 2013


Instead of shivering and cursing the cold, you could be enjoying a long, lustrous winter in your toasty warm home with Panasonic ducted air conditioning. Turning up the heat doesn’t even have to break the budget, because our ducted air con systems use leading technology to deliver huge energy savings. What’s more, if you buy now, you also get a bonus $400 off your power bill.

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