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Pump up the volume everywhere you go with this portable speaker
August 27th, 2014


With up to 20 hours of built-in battery life, the SC-NA30 offers one of the longest playback times of any wireless speaker on the market, giving you so much more freedom to enjoy your music at home or on-the-go.

Its simple but elegant exterior houses a multitude of intelligent networking features and unrivalled sound quality.

Compatible with the Panasonic Music Streaming application, the SC-NA30 connects to your smart phone or tablet, enabling instant access your favourite tunes with the simple touch of a button. Near Field Communication (NFC) compatible, this speaker can easily be synced to a smartphone or tablet: a simple touch of the smart device to the speaker will enable connection. Plus, your smart devices can be connected via Bluetooth® technology, so you can easily stream content to enjoy the sound of rich, full music on the wireless speaker.

The NA30 offers one of the longest playback times of any wireless speaker on the market with up to 20 hours of built-in battery life.


Hands Free Speakerphone
An integrated microphone allows the Panasonic SC-NA30 to act as a speakerphone, allowing you to receive calls in between music playback.

All of these fantastic networking features are perfectly complemented by the SC-NA30’s incredibly powerful audio capability. Two front 2-inch speakers and an integrated subwoofer reproduce a naturally expansive sound, as well as deep, robust bass, while a double passive radiator protects the bass from unwanted vibrations, further enhancing the audio quality.

Equipped with an integrated microphone, the Panasonic SC-NA30 can also act as a speakerphone, allowing you to receive calls in between music playback.

Check out the SC-NA30.



The stylish new Panasonic cordless phone for the ultra-connected household
August 22nd, 2014
KX-TG7892/3AZS - Available in either a twin or triple handset model

Available in either a twin or triple handset model

The launch of the Panasonic KX-TG7892/3AZS brings a stylish and feature-packed new cordless phone to our 2014 home communication line-up.

This sophisticated model features Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to make and receive mobile calls through DECT handsets and offers a mobile phone USB charger port. You also love the advanced telephone answering machine (TAM) that lets you listen to messages whether you’re at home or out and about, by sending a message to your mobile including playback options.

The phone also features a handy key finder accessory that means you’ll never have to rush around the house looking for your keys again. You simply attach a fob to your keys, and then a simple push of a button on the phone’s base unit will track them down by following the beeping alarm.

Available in either a twin or triple handset model, this series can support up to six handsets for the hyper connected home, all featuring a large LCD display and noise reduction technology for advanced ease of use.

Nicolas Cauzac, Product Marketing Manager, Home Communications, Panasonic Australia, said: “Our 2014 cordless phone line up is designed to cater to the ultra-connected modern consumer, with a range to suit all sorts of individual and family needs. With a focus on premium design and smart functionality, we’re expecting continued success in our home communications division.”

Find out more about Key Finder technology:

Find out more about Noise Reduction technology:


LUMIX nab three prestigious EISA (European Imaging Sound Association) Awards
August 19th, 2014


EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) is the unique association of 50 special interest magazines from 20 European countries who have joined together to form the world’s most prestigious multimedia magazines association. Each year, the editors-in-chief from all EISA member magazines meet to decide which products deserve the EISA Award. This year, Panasonic achieved a fantastic result, taking out three of the coveted awards for the LUMIX G Digital Single Lens Mirrorless (DSLM) camera DMC-GH4 and the digital compact camera DMC-TZ60 and DMC-FZ1000.

LUMIX DMC-GH4, winner European Photo & Video Camera

Watch below what EISA Awards experts have to say about our GH4:

“The Panasonic LUMIX GH4 is one of the most feature-heavy cameras on the market. The 16-megapixel Live MOS sensor captures high-quality still images and provides professional 4K video-recording capabilities. It allows users to shoot slow or fast-motion footage using a frame rate of between 2fps and 96fps. Audio can be recorded and monitored using an external microphone, and by using the optional interface it is possible to output high-quality, uncompressed 4K footage via micro-HDMI. The GH4 features a sharp OLED live viewfinder, and a bright 3-inch monitor, and the weather-sealed magnesium-alloy body was designed to withstand professional use.” - EISA jury.

LUMIX DMC-TZ60, winner European Travel Compact Camera

Watch below what EISA Awards experts have to say about our TZ60:

“Having pioneered the travel compact camera class from the beginning, it’s no surprise that Panasonic is still leading the race with the LUMIX TZ60. This latest-generation travel compact camera introduces an electronic viewfinder as well as raw file support, enhanced video features and a new 30x Leica DC Vario-Elmarit 24–720mm (full-frame-equivalent) zoom lens with an aperture of F3.3-6.4. Sporting an improved hybrid optical image stabiliser for video capture, the TZ60 compensates for camera movement in five directions, making it usable even for hand-held photo and video shooting at long focal lengths. In addition, the TZ60 offers GPS navigation, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity with easy NFC setup, for the benefit of the traveller.” – EISA jury.

LUMIX DMC-FZ1000, winner European Advanced Compact Camera

Watch below what EISA Awards experts have to say about our FZ1000:

The Panasonic LUMIX FZ1000 is the first compact camera to bring 4K video to the consumer – and, if needed, an 8-megapixel still picture can be taken from the video feed. But the FZ1000 is also a very good camera for photography, with a big 1-inch MOS sensor that produces little noise and offers a resolution of 20 megapixels, while for the demanding user raw shooting is offered in addition to the JPEG format. In low-light shooting situations, the ISO setting can be turned up to ISO 12,800. The Leica DC-Vario-Elmarit F2.8-4 lens provides a full-frame-equivalent focal range from 25-400mm, with very fast autofocus, offering full flexibility in almost any shooting situation, and with the newest wireless Wi-Fi and NFC technologies built in, the FZ1000 is future-proof in every regard. – EISA jury.


Flashing back to when telephone cords held us hostage
August 15th, 2014

Remember when you called someone and you didn’t have to ask where they were? You knew for a fact that they couldn’t be any further away from their home phone than the length of the fully outstretched phone cord would allow. That phone was attached to the wall and they were lucky if they could stretch the phone cord all the way to the kitchen to get a snack.

Well, you may not remember that. Chances are you were born into a cordless and mobile phone generation and will never know the shame of having your parents hover over every phone call or the glory of slamming down the phone in annoyance instead of quietly pressing ‘end’.

You know who does remember those days? The somewhat “demented” couple in this Aussie ad for Panasonic cordless phones, whose marriage improved immeasurably once they cut the telephone cord.

Back to the future; check out our current range of cordless phones.

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5 surprising ways to put your microwave to use – no cooking required!
August 14th, 2014

Think your microwave is only good for cooking, reheating and defrosting? It’s time to think again!


The image features Panasonic NN-CF874BQPQ Microwave, Grill & Convection Oven.

1. DIY a microwaveable “heat pack”

When muscle pains and aches strike, there is something so soothing about treating them with a heated pain pack heated in the microwave. You don’t need to spend money on expensive commercial varieties, though as they are easy to make at home. Just take a microwaveable freezer bag, fill to ¾ with uncooked rice, seal and then microwave for one minute. If more heat is needed, shake turn over and microwave for another minute. Wrap in a small towel and apply to your painful muscles for relief.

*Note: do not leave pack unattended while heating.

if you want to do something a little more fancy than a freezer bag, you could sew some cute material into a square like these Owie Owls

if you want to do something a little more fancy than a freezer bag, you could sew some cute material into a square or even into chickens or Owie Owls.
Images from Pinterest.

2. Make like a restaurant pro and warm your plates

MWO-platesRestaurants warm the plates they serve your food on because it keeps their delicious dishes hot until they hit the table. You can easily bring this pro trick to your kitchen by spritzing your plates with a few drops of water, stacking them and them warming them in the microwave for a minute.

3. Enjoy a beauty parlour on the kitchen counter

MWO-beautyYour microwave is a brilliant tool for pampering at home. You can use it to warm facemasks, hot oil treatments, mudpacks and of course, hair removing waxes. You can even use it to salvage old makeup items in a flash, such as dried mascara or hardened kohl crayons, which can be rescued by heating next to a cup of water for 30 seconds.

4. Sanitise stinky kitchen sponges in a flash

MWO-spongeStinky, dirty sponges are known to harbour germs and other nasties. Regularly replacing your sponges is obviously necessary but you can eke a little more life out of these items by soaking them in water with a little white vinegar and popping them in microwave for a minute. Be careful when removing, as the sponge will be hot and make sure not to microwave sponges with scourers attached as they may contain metal elements.

5. Microwaves can double duty as a bread bin

MWO-breadWhen you aren’t using your microwave, it is the perfect place to store your bread. It’s handy to the counter, and features a large interior space that is just the right size for a loaf (or two of bread). What’s more, because the microwave is airtight when the door is closed, it will keep your bread fresh nice and fresh.

Check out our full range of microwaves.


Learn how LUMIX Creative Control can enhance your unique style
August 13th, 2014


If you love applying special effects and filters to your photos, you will have so much fun with the LUMIX Creative Control mode. A list of different effects give you the expressive power to turn ordinary scenes into extraordinary photographs, with just the push of a button. The wide array of effects means you will be able to effortlessly express your creativity and record your adventures in your own unique style.

1. Low Key

This effect colour hue can be adjusted to create a darker, sombre appearance through intentional underexposure, and to emphasise the highlight.

Here are some examples:

Lowkey-with Lowkey-no
With Low Key Without Low Key
Even the same route home looks like a different place when I press the shutter.
Transparent gif
Lowkey-with2 Lowkey-no2
With Low Key Without Low Key
I found a swaying sparkling heart while out for a walk and captured it with Low Key filter to pick up the light beautifully.
Transparent gif
Lowkey-with3 Lowkey-no3
With Low Key Without Low Key
The black silhouette with the sky in the background gives a deeper impact with the Low Key filter.
Transparent gif

2. Expressive

This effect enhances the colour and makes the image more saturated and vivid to create a pop art picture.

Here are some examples:

Expressive-with Expressive-no
With Expressive Without Expressive
A sweet date on a rainy day… I wonder what they’re talking about.
Transparent gif
Expressive-with2 Expressive-no2
With Expressive Without Expressive
The jeweled box with this little treasure is pictured vibrantly with the Expressive filter.
Transparent gif
Expressive-with3 Expressive-no3
With Expressive Without Expressive
“Are you still hungry?” “Do you want some more?” Even though he doesn’t answer, he looks content.
Transparent gif

3. Cross Process

This filter adds a unique colour to the image by emulating the look of cross processing in film photography. The colour hue can be chosen from green, blue, yellow or red.

Here are some examples:

Cross-process-with Cross-process-no
With Cross Process Without Cross Process
The unique hues gives a nostalgic feel.
Transparent gif
Cross-process-with2 Cross-process-no2
With Cross Process Without Cross Process
The colours of the sky and ocean are transformed into a surreal look.
Transparent gif

4. High Key

This effect adjusts the colour hue to create an image filled with light to add bright, airy feel by intentional overexposure.

Here are some examples:

High-Key-with High-Key-no
With High Key Without High Key
Engrossed in whatever it is she is doing, the High Key filter emphasises her serious expression.
Transparent gif
High-Key-with2 High-Key-no2
With High Key Without High Key
The vividness of the yellow sunflowers are highlighted with the High Key filter.
Transparent gif

5. Miniature Effect

This effect defocuses the peripheral areas while keeping the focus point sharp and clear making life-size subject look like a diorama.

Here are some examples:

Miniature-with Miniature-no
With Miniature Effect Without Miniature Effect
The trees look as though they are marching through the field.
Transparent gif
Miniature-with2 Miniature-no2
With Miniature Effect Without Miniature Effect
A bejeweled night view is turned into a miniature world.
Transparent gif
Miniature-with3 Miniature-no3
With Miniature Effect Without Miniature Effect
A girl is made to look as if she were picked up by a huge hand.
Transparent gif

6. High Dynamic

This effect adjusts saturation to create a well-balanced image with details by bring up the brightness in dark area while reducing it in the bright area.

Here are some examples:

High-Dynamic-with High-Dynamic-no
With High Dynamic Without High Dynamic
The dynamic clouds that are towering above the mountains are beautifully framed.
Transparent gif
High-Dynamic-with2 High-Dynamic-no2
With High Dynamic Without High Dynamic
Gives an endless feel to the view is seen from the side mirror.
Transparent gif
High-Dynamic-with3 High-Dynamic-no3
With High Dynamic Without High Dynamic
Perfectly captures the reflection of the couple by the water.
Transparent gif

7. One Point Color

This effect adjusts the amount or retained colour to extract one colour of your choice and turns the rest of the image black and white.

Here are some examples:

OnePointColor-with OnePointColor-no
With One Point Color Without One Point Color
My friend was in a deep sleep. So, I put tomatoes on his eyes and made it the only thing in colour with One Point Color filter.
Transparent gif
OnePointColor-with2 OnePointColor-no2
With One Point Color Without One Point Color
I love hydrangeas – and the One Point Color made the purple even more beautiful.
Transparent gif

8. Impressive Art

This effect adjust saturation to create a unique image with a higher contrast and surreal appearance.

Here are some examples:

ImpressiveArt-with ImpressiveArt-NO
With Impressive Art Without Impressive Art
The shadows are strengthened by a unique level of contrast.
Transparent gif
ImpressiveArt-with1 ImpressiveArt-NO1
With Impressive Art Without Impressive Art
The shot of the sky is made to look surreal.
Transparent gif
ImpressiveArt-with2 ImpressiveArt-NO2
With Impressive Art Without Impressive Art
The lined up bottles are turned into an art work.
Transparent gif

9. Sepia

This effect adjusts contrast to create a sepia image that adds a warm and nostalgic feel of an aged black and white print.

Here are some examples:

Sepia-with Sepia-no
With Sepia Without Sepia
My favourite mug makes a heart shape using the shadow of the handle.
Transparent gif
Sepia-with2 Sepia-no2
With Sepia Without Sepia
Kids on the way home from school taken in sepia makes me feel as though I’ve gone back in time.
Transparent gif

10. Star Filter

This effect turns point light sources and bright reflections into four point star patterns.

Here are some examples:

StarFilter-with StarFilter-no
With Star Filter Without Star Filter
Bubbles are given a glistening look.
Transparent gif
StarFilter-with2 StarFilter-no2
With Star Filter Without Star Filter
Fireworks are made to look even more sparkly.
Transparent gif
StarFilter-with3 StarFilter-no3
With Star Filter Without Star Filter
The night view of my favourite city is made even more shiny with the Star Filter.
Transparent gif

11. Toy Effect

This effect adjusts colour hue to create a gradual darkening of the image towards the corner, i.e. vignetting, to give a look as if it is taken with a toy camera.

Here are some examples:

ToyEffect-with ToyEffect-no
With Toy Effect Without Toy Effect
The toy effect makes it look as though the teddy bear is walking by itself.
Transparent gif
ToyEffect-with2 ToyEffect-no2
With Toy Effect Without Toy Effect
This group of toy kittens look as though they could start playing at any moment.
Transparent gif
ToyEffect-with3 ToyEffect-no3
With Toy Effect Without Toy Effect
A bike on the side of a road is given a nostalgic feel.
Transparent gif

12. Soft Focus

This effect adjusts the degree of defocussing to create a soft, dreamy feel by intentionally blurring the entire image.

Here are some examples:

SoftFocus-with SoftFocus-no
With Soft Focus Without Soft Focus
The details of the dress are made to look fairytale-like.
Transparent gif
SoftFocus-with2 SoftFocus-no2
With Soft Focus Without Soft Focus
The contrast of the different shade of greens is softened beautifully.
Transparent gif

13. Retro

This effect adjusts colour hue to give a faded effect to the image to produce the soft appearance of an old colour photo print.

Here are some examples:

Retro-with Retro-no
With Retro Without Retro
The last shot on the day of the big move captures a melancholy feeling of grandpa and grandma.
Transparent gif
Retro-with2 Retro-no2
With Retro Without Retro
He’s the first and best audience ever since day one of me playing the piano.
Transparent gif
Retro-with3 Retro-no3
With Retro Without Retro
The antique mask looks even more so with the Retro effect.
Transparent gif

14. Dynamic Monochrome

This effect adjusts contrast to create an impressive black and white image with higher contrast.

Here are some examples:

DynamicMonochrome-with DynamicMonochrome-no
With Dynamic Monochrome Without Dynamic Monochrome
Nobody can remain an adult when on a trampoline.
Transparent gif
DynamicMonochrome-with2 DynamicMonochrome-no2
With Dynamic Monochrome Without Dynamic Monochrome
The polished seats of the chairs shine… I wonder how many people have sat here?
Transparent gif
DynamicMonochrome-with3 DynamicMonochrome-no3
With Dynamic Monochrome Without Dynamic Monochrome
Drama is added to an ordinary scene by a simple black and white shot.
Transparent gif

Models compatible with Creative Control

Click on the image below to enlarge.


FZ1000 rides a wave of positive reviews into stores
August 12th, 2014


The hotly anticipated LUMIX DMC-FZ1000 is in stores now and considering what a splash this superzoom camera has made with reviewers and camera judges, we’re predicting these little babies won’t stay on any shelf for very long.

The groundbreaking FZ1000 is the world’s first compact camera with 4K recording capability* and the ability to record video in 4K means you can shoot beautiful home movies at four times the resolution of Full HD. This feature isn’t just limited to video capture; it’s also possible to cut out a single frame of the 4K video and save it as an eight-megapixel image, providing enough detail to create an A3 poster print.

The FZ1000 is the latest addition to our superzoom family, so you know that 4K recording isn’t even close to being the only remarkable feature this camera offers. A newly developed LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens system with 16x optical zoom (the 35mm equivalent of 25-400mm) has also been incorporated and is already earning its fair share of accolades.

goodgearguide-editor-choice“You can do things with this camera such as focus on a spider’s web from a good few metres away. We did just that in our tests and were blown away at how quickly the lens picked up the faint outline of a web among a backdrop of leaves and twigs.”
Good Gear Guide 4.5 out of 5 Stars

“This is a camera for those of you who want a shooter than can perform well for both still shots and video recordings. It has a long zoom, plenty of speed, and can capture pictures with great clarity. It’s a great alternative to a digital SLR, and a good option if you want an affordable camera that can shoot 4K video.”
The Age (and syndicated in Sydney Morning Herald)

techradar-recommended“That zoom range is excellent, it gives plenty of scope for framing subjects in a wide range of situations. The camera also feels comfortable in the hand, with a nice chunky grip and responsive controls within easy reach.”
Tech Radar 4.5 out of 5 Stars

“Cameras like the… FZ1000 fill a niche between the smaller compact digicam and comparatively large-bodied DSLRs. While providing most (if not all) of the controls and capabilities of a DSLR, they have the convenience of a fixed lens and relatively low price.”
Photo Review – First Look

ephotoezine-highly-recommended“The Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 is one of the cheapest 4K video recording devices available, and offers an array of impressive video features. However, if you don’t want to record 4K video, and just want a camera capable of taking excellent photos, with a good zoom lens, then the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 certainly delivers here as well.”
E Photo Zine 4.5 out of 5 Stars

*For a digital compact camera as of 12 June 2014


Check out the FZ100 official page.
Watch the video.
Photo Review gets a “first look” at the LUMIX FZ1000.
Panasonic apps: a smarter way to control your Panasonic products.

Panasonic experiences the Star Wars universe with George Lucas
August 8th, 2014

We bet you didn’t know that in 1987 George Lucas pimped out Star Wars in a series of Panasonic TV commercials, in-store posters, special events and magazine advertising to celebrate the films 10 year anniversary – but solely in Japan!

The TV commercials are particularly fabulous, in a kitschy and slightly incomprehensible way. Filmed in America, these commercials were a top-secret affair and intended only for the Japanese Star Wars Audience. The entire campaign was so successful that it won a swathe of Japanese advertising awards, thrusting Panasonic into the limelight and developing a whole new yoputh audience for the brand, not to mention cementing an enormous Japanese fan-base for the Star Wars universe.

“George Lucas. The man who directed and produced Star Wars. Combining electronics of high technology and the imagination, a great man who became the genius that created a cinematic world bursting with love and romance. To the people, he is the sorcerer of the big screen. With a strong sense of history and tradition, he is a man who will lead us into the future. Alongside George Lucas, Matsushita Electric brings you its latest concept of “Human Electronics,” an impressive world of audio, visual and computer technology. Gear yourself towards magnificent picture quality and a galaxy of sound. Count on Matsushita Electric to bring you Always Something New.” - Advertising caption in Japanese magazine “Weekly Playboy”


The meeting prior to filming: Lucas, the head of operations, and the Osaka Dentsu staff.


One of the posters for the Japanese campaign.

Electric Appliance Catalog


Read more about the campaign.

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Calling all budding film makers – you could win a GH4 camera and lens valued at $2999!
August 7th, 2014

Enter your high res QuickTime file of your film before December 10, 2014.

The annual Duke’s Day festival hosted by the Freshwater Surf Lifesaving and Board Riders Club celebrates the Freshwater community’s love and respect for the ocean. It also honours the almost mythical Hawaiian swimming and surfing hero, Duke Kahanamoku, who came to Australia in 1914/1915 to swim and gave the exhibition of ‘surf-riding’ that cemented the sport in our country – a sport that is now a part of our blood.

This year’s Dukes Day will celebrate the 100th year anniversary of Duke’s amazing gift to Australia with two days of events and exhibitions at Freshwater from the 8-10th of January, 2015.

Images: Duke's Day Website.

Duke Day is celebrated on the anniversary of the father of surfing in Australia – Duke Kahanamoku, at Freshwater Beach. Images: Duke’s Day Website.


An important part of the festival is the Duke Shorts Video Exhibition, presented in association with Panasonic and featuring LUMIX ambassador and legendary surf film maker, Jack McCoy.

Duke Shorts is an opportunity for emerging film makers to create a short surf film, based around the themes of the surfing community’s respect for the ocean and environment and/or the great Duke Kahanamoku. Finalists will have their films shown before Jack McCoy’s critically acclaimed “A Deeper Shade of Blue”, in front of thousands of people, at the finale of the Duke’s Day on Saturday January 10th, 2015. The winner will take home a Panasonic LUMIX GH4 camera with 12-35mm F2.8 lens, valued at $2999 (click here to see how to participate).

We spoke to Jack McCoy himself to get the low-down on “The Duke” and this exciting short film competition.

Jack McCoy on Duke’s Day
“You know I’ve been going to the Duke’s Ocean Fest in Hawaii for the past twelve years; it’s a celebration they have in Hawaii for Duke’s birthday on August 4th and I’ve been invited to go there and show my films and be a part of the event which is really special honour because all kinds of really great people in the surfing world are part of it,” Jack said.

Jack McCoy on “The Duke” 
“I met Duke when I was a little boy and I’d like to think that he passed on the spirit of Aloha to me. I met him through my father’s TV show. He introduced me to the Duke when I was 13 and I shook hands with him and said Aloha. But my Dad introduced me as Jack Junior and it pissed me off! Then about five years later, I went to a promotion and he was signing autographs and you got a picture of him. I walked up and he looked up said “ahhh, Jack Junior!” I still have that picture today, it’s quite special,” Jack said.

“So anyway I’m a big fan of the Duke, he was a very special human being, and he presented Hawaii to the world back in the day when it was very little known about it. It was his great swimming that took him around the world but wherever he went, he did try and turn people onto surfing.”

“Today anybody can make a film, so this is really an opportunity for anyone who is keen enough to really tell a story” – Jack McCoy.

Jack McCoy on the Duke Shorts hopefuls
“Today any kid can get a camera and make a little movie and that’s a beautiful thing. Back when I was a kid, you had to get a film camera and you had to process it and you had to edit it and you had to put the music to it to make a film. Well, today anybody can make a film, so this is really an opportunity for anyone who is keen enough to really tell a story,” Jack said.

“One of the objectives is that they talk about the environment and/or the Duke. That’s sort of the purpose of the festival – to acknowledge today’s environmental crisis that’s going on in the world. This shorts comp is to raise awareness, especially with younger kids and younger filmmakers. If we can start with the young kids, we can actually hopefully develop and change the way of thinking. That’s why we are focusing on that.”

Jack McCoy on the GH4
“This particular GH4 camera, I cannot say enough great things it. I just love the size of the camera and the quality. And being able to do so many different things with it. You know, with surfing you have quite a variety of lenses that allow me to shoot really tightly and you do have to go back to some of the old school methods, which is to manually adjust those longer lenses. But Panasonic has thought of that and built in tools that allow you to very easily see when you’re in focus or not by a certain gradient of the pictures. So for me the camera has all the things that I need to create great little films. I cannot think of a better camera for a young up and coming film maker – or even for anybody who is already making films,” Jack said.

Find out more about Duke Shorts.
Check out the Duke’s Day 2015 events.
Go to the official GH4 product page.

Size (and distance) really does matter when it comes to your TV
August 6th, 2014


“If you sit so close to the television, your eyes will go square!” Who remembers Mum shouting that during every single Saturday morning cartoon session? Well, now you are the boss of your own TV and you could sit with your nose touching the screen if you wished but did you know there are actually optimal viewing distances?

Spoiler alert, your mum was wrong about sitting too close because the perfect viewing distance for HD imaging is a lot closer than she would have allowed. Three times the diagonal screen length of your TV used to be the rule of thumb, but with today’s vibrant HDTV picture you only need to sit about “1.5 times the diagonal viewing distance of your TV”*, so if you have purchased a 47” HDTV, the perfect viewing distance is 5.8 feet (179.07cm) from the screen.

If you are lucky enough to be the new owner of a Full HD or Ultra HD screen, you’ll want to move your seat even closer to the action.


Basically viewing distance is about optimising pixel density. Sit too close and your eyes won’t go square but you will notice the actual pixels in the image. When you move back, you’ll notice the pixel density will increase and give you a much better image. However, go too far back you lose the finer details altogether!

That’s why it pays to look at your space and arrange the seating in relation to the size of your TV screen and not just from an aesthetic design perspective.


At the end, the distance you sit from your TV is a personal choice. As a guideline we suggest a 1.5x distance ratio as a starting point for you to decide what TV size or viewing distance is right for you.

(Inches / Centimetres)
(Feet / Centimetres)
(Feet / Centimetres)
32” / 81.28cm 4 feet / 121.92cm 8′ / 242.84cm
39” / 99.06cm 4.8′ / 148.59cm 9.5′ / 297.18cm
42” / 106.68cm 5.2′ / 160.02cm 10.5′ / 320.04cm
47” / 119.38cm 5.8′ / 179.07cm 11.5′ / 358.14cm
50” / 127cm 6.25′ / 190.5cm 12.5′ / 380.10cm
55” / 139.7cm 6.9′ / 209.55cm 14′ / 419.1cm
58” / 147.32cm 7.25′ / 220.98cm 14.5′ / 441.96cm
60” / 152.4cm 7.5′ / 228.6cm 15′ / 457.2cm
65” / 165.1 cm 8.13′ / 252.98cm 16.26′ / 505.96cm

*From HDTVtest’s “TV Viewing Distance Calculator”

Check out the range of VIERA TVs.